Here you can find a list of clubs around the world that offer the opportunity to train in Collar and Elbow. Of course, the easiest way to get some firsthand experience of this old Irish wrestling style is to just have a quick look at the rulebook and the techniques, grab some sturdy jackets and some equally sturdy friends, and try it for yourself!

Aontach Jiu-JitsuCork, IrelandWebsite
DCU Collar and Elbow Wrestling SocietyDublin, IrelandWebsite
Gorey Grappling AcademyGorey, Ireland
Kern School of CombatDublin, IrelandEmail
T45 Jiu-JitsuMidleton, IrelandWebsite
Sleipnir BJJ and JudoReykjanesbær, Iceland
St. Barth BJJSaint-Barthélemy, French West IndiesWebsite
Heidelberg Collar and Elbow ClubHeidelberg, GermanyEmail
British SumoDerby, United KingdomWebsite
Danum Collar and Elbow Club Doncaster, United KingdomEmail
York School of DefenceYork, United Kingdom
South Anchorage Garage Jiu-JitsuAnchorage (AK), United StatesEmail

If you’d like to be added to this list, just send a mail to Regardless of whether you’re a dedicated Collar and Elbow club, a BJJ/judo/sambo etc. club that trains Collar and Elbow once a week, or even just a group of friends getting together to scuffle every now and then – here’s how you can let similarly interested people know how to find you.